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As a resident of Franklin Parish, you may receive a summons to serve as a juror for the 5th Judicial District Court. The summons will provide details about when you must appear.  When you appear on the date specified in the summons, you will be placed in a pool or group of prospective jurors from which you may be randomly selected to serve as a juror.

There are three types of juries that serve the 5th Judicial District Court:

1. Grand juries are selected twice a year. Grand jury panels serve a six-month term and are called at the discretion of the District Attorney.

2. Petit juries are selected six times a year. Petit jury panels decide the guilt or innocence of a defendant charged with a criminal offense.

3. Civil juries are selected as needed. Civil jury panels decide which party the law favors in a dispute between two or more individuals or businesses.  Once you reach the age of 70, you may claim a personal exemption from jury service prior to the jury service date.  You may claim the exemption by calling the presiding Judge’s Office.


Thank you for your valued service as a 5th Judicial District Court Juror.


  • Proper Attire/Electronic Devices: The following clothing items are not acceptable for jurors: shorts, tank tops, baseball caps, or hats. Cell phones, tablets, and pagers are not allowed in the courtroom.

  • Payment of Jurors: Jurors will be paid $25.00 per day and 16 cents per mile, if you live outside the city limits.   Checks will be mailed to the address provided to the Clerk’s Office.

  • Jury Cancellations: Many times, a civil or criminal (petit) jury is summoned to serve, but the case cancels or settles just before the summons date leaving the Clerk’s Office without time to notify its prospective jurors. For this reason, there is a number on each summons (318-435-9004) that prospective jurors should call the night before they are to appear. Callers will reach a recording with information pertaining to their jury service date.

  • Facilities: There are public restrooms on the first floor of the courthouse. Smoking is not prohibited inside the Franklin Parish Courthouse.

  • Excuses: Anyone wishing to be excused from jury service must provide a valid excuse in letter form to the presiding Judge’s Office.  Be sure to include your full name, address, the date of your jury service, your phone number, and the name of the Judge you’ve been summoned to appear before. Any medical excuses can be faxed directly from your doctor’s office to the Judge’s Office.  Only the Judge can excuse a prospective juror.


Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedures Title XI Article 401 lists the qualifications of a juror. Those qualifications state to serve as a juror, a person must:

  • Be a citizen of the United States and of the state of Louisiana who has resided within Iberville Parish for at least one year immediately preceding his or her jury service.

  • Be able to read, write, and speak the English language and be possessed of sufficient knowledge of the English language.

  • Not be under indictment for a felony nor have been convicted of a felony for which he or she has not been pardoned.


Pursuant to the Louisiana Constitution, 5:33(B), persons 70 years of age and older may claim an exemption from jury duty if they are summoned and do not wish to serve.

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